Byron Bay Dive Centre Dive Club

Byron Bay Dive Centre (BBDC) Dive Club was formed to get those together who enjoy diving on a regular basis. The dive club is open to all and currently has 200+ members.

How much does it cost to join?

The joining fee of the BBDC Dive Club is a one off fee of $195

What do you get when you join for $195

  • 2 x dives with full gear hire or 3 x dives with your own gear (rrp $180)
  • 15% off most non-sale software dive gear at BBDC
  • 5% off most non-sale hardware dive gear at BBDC
  • 10% off further dives & courses at BBDC
  • 20% off air fills at BBDC
  • BBDC key ring individually numbered – they look fantastic!
  • Free gear safety inspections from BBDC
  • 1 x BBDC t-shirt
  • Dive trips away
  • Regular prize give-a-ways
  • Endless supply of dive buddies
  • Free refresher pool sessions at BBDC

What do you get after you join?

  • Dives with BBDC with all your own gear for $50
  • Dives with BBDC with only tanks and weight $60
  • Dives with BBDC with all our gear $89