Monday, May 2nd, 2011

Byron Bay Dive Center is excited to welcome Freediving and 1st Aid Instructor Joe Knight to our team.
Joe found freediving at the age of 11 during a trip to Fiji, his life has revolved around spearfishing and freediving ever since. Joe started competing in spearfishing competitions at the age of 13 and moved on to state, national and international events.
Since 2002 Joe has moved away from the competitive scene focusing on freediving instruction and photography. Joe has dived all around Australia living in Victoria, NSW and WA. Joe also has experience diving in Indonesia, Solomon Islands, Christmas Island and New Zealand.
Joe’s professional diving career has been very colorful, joining the Navy in 2002 until 2008 as a clearance diver and later moving into medical science, naval medic and safety officer on dive support vessels and offshore survival trainer. Joe has spent the last two seasons in New Zealand working as a Sea Urchin Freediver, spending up to six hour breath hold diving per day.
Joe has practiced yoga since 2004 and heavily incorporates his yoga practice into his freediving training. Joe’s passion for freediving and philosophy is inspiring and as a teacher he loves sharing this passion with others re-enforcing the need to just have fun and be safe, “it’s not all about diving deep”.
Byron Bay Dive Center now runs regular freediving courses, see our freediving page for more details and dates.

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