Underwater Photography Workshops with Compact Camera Guru Lawrence Alex Wu


As one of the world’s leading internationally acclaimed underwater photographers with compact cameras, Alex has gained over 18 international awards and recognition from prestigious underwater film festivals and photo contests around the world. His work has been broadcasted, published in magazines and exhibited in countries such as Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chicago, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Spain and Switzerland at major cities such as London, Bangkok, Athens, Prague, Cape Town and Chicago. All his underwater photography has been produced only from digital compact cameras.

Understanding the potential for shooting underwater with compact cameras, he has translated his experiences, expertise and know-how of shooting with digital compacts into workshops which he teaches mainly throughout Asia in English, Cantonese and Mandarin. As well, he continues to strive for the well being of our oceans and to help preserve and improve its conditions.

Color and light take on new sensations through a lens when combined with water and modern imagery techniques expressing a totally different art form. Alex specializes in creating underwater images as well as multi-media content to electrify the senses and introduce people to a world from our ocean depths. His work ranges from portraits to artistic interpretations of ocean wildlife and seascapes to conservation efforts to save our seas.

Alex will teach the following three modules during the 2011 Underwater Festival period (2nd to 11th of September 2011) and for those that don’t have their own camera yet we have secured the support from Olympus as well as Sealife and FREE trial cameras from both brands will be available for the whole duration.

Cost is $195 per module which includes one dive at Julian Rocks, full gear hire if you need it as well as FREE camera hire.

Module #1 – Underwater Photos Made Easy – all day – includes one dive


Don’t think that you need a chunky, expensive SLR-type camera and underwater strobes just to take better underwater photos. Alex’s winning underwater photos are all taken with digital compact cameras and he has designed this workshop to show you how to get the most of your compact camera without strobes.

Whether you shoot just for fun or take your photography seriously, this workshop is inclusive of the Module Composition and Module Camera plus more underwater topics. It cuts down to the guts of how to improve your photography in simple language (no technical photo-jargon) for you to master the fundamental underwater techniques used by photography pros.

Topics covered:

  • Techniques to improve your image composition
  • Getting the correct lighting
  • Getting great photos without strobes
  • Understanding your camera settings
  • Essential principals in photography
  • Turning your greenish and bluish photos to colorful ones
  • Underwater photography techniques
  • Diving techniques for underwater photographers
  • Keeping your underwater equipment healthy and safe
  • Tips on your equipment setup and diving with a camera
  • Answering your questions on upgrades, options and anything related

This will be held on 2nd, 5th and 9th of September. Book this module

Module #2 – Strobe Lighting Underwater – all day – includes one dive

image041Not quite sure what settings to use with your underwater strobes? Are your strobed photos too bright or too dark?

A little confused with all the buttons and dials?

This hands-on workshop for digital shooters gets you in-control and comfortable with your external strobes together with your camera settings. You’ll learn the difference between strobe lighting in macro and wide angle photography to expand on your image compositions with external lighting.

Topics covered:

  • External lighting and its effects on your image
  • Fundamental principles of light
  • Lighting your photos with color
  • Your camera modes and settings
  • Strobe lighting with no backscatter
  • Finding and shooting underwater species
  • Strobe configurations for your setup
  • Keeping your strobe setup healthy and safe
  • Answering your questions on techniques, tips and anything related

This will be held on 3rd, 6th and 10th of September. Book this module

Module #3 – Sophisticated Strobe Techniques – all day – includes one dive


Decided that it’s time to take your underwater photography to the highest level? Feeling that your photos look like so many others? Want to explore ways to push your originality and creativity? Learn more about the marine life so you can capture those hard-to-get pictures of them.

Designed for the serious and passionate dive photographer, this in-depth workshop focuses on very technical usage of strobes and lighting techniques underwater. Much of the workshop is based in the water trying the advanced techniques learnt on land.

Get insights on how the professionals spot animals and capture their incredible behavior and character. Learn tips of the underwater photographer that usually only come with hundreds of dives and years of experience working in the underwater environment in just a few hours.

Topics covered:

  • Specialized strobe techniques of the pros
  • Advanced strobe work underwater
  • Techniques of artificial lighting
  • Marine animal behavior and photography
  • Getting creative with lighting with subjects
  • Accessory additions for your strobes

This will be held on 4th, 7th and 11th of September. Book this module